About Homeville

The Homeville Museum is chartered under the NYS Education Department and is a 501(c)(3) organization. It is one of three museums  incorporated in the Central New York Living History Center located at 4386 US Route 11, Cortland, New York 13045

Please consider Homeville Museum membership.  Membership benefits include:

  • Free admission to the CNY Living History Center
  • 10% discount at the CNY Living History Center gift store
  • Invitation to special member only events

For more information, contact us at: homevillemuseumboard@gmail.com

Homeville’s Mission

The Homeville Museum’s mission is to play a prominent role in educating people of all ages and engaging the community in understanding historical experiences and their relationship to past and contemporary life. Through the preservation and interpretation of historic objects, photographs, films, music, and voice recordings, the perspectives and understandings of local residents are incorporated in displays intended to provide social and cultural context to the museum’s collections. Through public activities and events, the museum strives to bring its collections to life through educational presentations, reenactments, discussions, and artistic demonstrations. Core collections relate to military history, local business, industry, and railroad history.

Homeville Board of Trustees

  • Jamie Dangler, President
  • Patrick Clune, Vice President
  • Nick Shanahan, Secretary
  • Tom Yacavone, Treasurer
  • Charles “Chuck” Eaton, Curator
  • Greg Harvey
  • Tyler Holcomb
  • Luke Kaczynski
  • Amy Holcolmb
  • Philip Tennant

Members at Large:

  • Bill Chase
  • Marilee Comerford
  • Charles W. Jermy III
  • Michael Shanahan
  • Kevin Walsh
  • Kim Walsh

Updated Homeville bylaws were approved at the October 2015 meeting.  They are available here: Homeville Museum bylaws approved 19 Oct