Train Day 2015

Engine_2107The first annual Homeville “Train Day” was held on October 24, 2015 and was a resounding success.

Conducter JimBesides our normal extensive collection, “Conductor” Jim Bugh (left; Photo courtesy Jeremy George) brought in four train sets.  His “Thomas the Tank Engine”, “The Polar Express” and  “Harry Potter” electric model train sets were particular hits with the younger attendees.  Several watched with rapt expressions for long periods of time and many practiced their own skills as Train Engineers.

Jim also brought in a train set with a unique “Cab forward” design, which allowed the crew to sit in front of the smoke stack and avoid being asphyxiated in the long tunnels of the western US.

Gene Endres gave a presentation on Cortland County railroads that received glowing reviews from his slightly older audience.

This was a new event for us, but look for it to return annually!

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